Nadia Braito, Italian singer and composer

“Singing is painting with the voice to find the connection between heaven and earth”

Nadia Braito is an Italian singer and composer, who is mainly dedicated to the research of improvised sound. Her vocalism has been influenced by great voices from various genres, giving her an impressive “sound vocabulary”, with characteristics ranging from swing to new jazz, from pop to soul, Brazilian bossa nova to Italian melodic music, with a pinch of electronics. She is the voice of the trio Three Spirits, with whom she recorded the disc “Blue Chorale” and currently preparing their new release. Her personal versatile interests and sound research led her to India, where she studied to certify as a Sound Yoga Teacher. She loves to collaborate with Italian and European artists from the most diverse disciplines and backgrounds for creative projects that are not always strictly musical.

Radio2 Three Spirits

22 minutes to listen, with a live, in the middle of which there is an interview.

They say about her

  • “Nadia does not simply have a "beautiful voice". Nadia knows how to explore varied emotional territories with her vocalism and accompanies us on profound and enriching journeys. Her voice so expressive and true is so precious in times of replicants and it really makes us sigh. Follow it and it will take you far or maybe just close to your/our heart.”

    Fausto Radaelli, Gong Master, Psicoterapeuta, Musicista

  • “Nadia, you have a wonderful voice full of nuances of emotional intensity, which is very important. Today there are many singers and many who consider themselves singers, they only touch the strings of aesthetics as an end in itself, just for a nice karaoke, but you are able to enter deeply emotionally. Very good also the musicians, who understand you in your streets.”

    Vincenzo Zitello, Arpista e Compositore

  • “When we took the exam in the conservatory you went beyond the voice, beyond the music, at that moment you were in tune with the afterlife and I perceived this (...). You had transmitted a divine will, I will never forget that moment.”

    Raffaele Romano, Contrabbassista, Compositore

  • “I had the pleasure of meeting Nadia for an artistic collaboration. An event on the theme of water in which she accompanied and enriched some of my poems in singing. From the first moment, a shared metric was created and our emotions merged in unison. His voice is an expression of great sensitivity and fills every space with mastery ... not least hearts.”

    Mara Oregioni, Poetessa

  • “What I like about Nadia is her ability to play with her voice and get involved in rhythmic and melodic improvisation. In addition to the rare quality of being in empathic dialogue with the body of the dancer on stage, creating vocal sounds rich in inspiration and resonance.”

    Marcella Fanzaga, Coreografa e Danzatrice

  • “Nadia's voice is Nadia: she is body, emotion, vibration and resonance with the reality that surrounds her ... The way she transports you is as unique as it is universal”.

    Raffaella Pellegrini, Cantante, Psicoterapeuta, Ricercatrice

  • “A voice that vibrates like a wind instrument, never predictable and always innovative. You don't know where it takes you but you let it take you on a journey of infinite sounds.”

    Raffaele Kohler, Trumpet Player, Composer, Performer

  • “Nadia's voice is a vehicle of sacred emotions.”

    Francesca Giomo, Artista, Scrittrice

  • “Nadia’s voice is the reflection of her soul: luminous, poetic and healing. Her voice carries the power of the earth with memories of long past times.
    You will feel “saudade”, when you hear her sing, that sensation of longing for something you cannot describe in words, you just sense in your heart, full of sweetness, expectations and love. She is truly an artist, because she transforms a place with her energy, her humbleness and her truthfulness.”

    Bellè Flora, Sacred Arts Muse

  • “I met Nadia for the first time as part of a Jazz evening organized by us at "Monte Verità" in July 2020. I can say that it was "Sintonia" at first sight, her positive charisma immediately fascinated us... Then she entered the scene and with her splendid voice she managed in a moment to make souls of different nature travel on vibrant notes, from child to adults, and to involve us all in her wonderful musical dimension that made us live a fantastic moment! Of course, we asked her to come back again on another occasion and again, at different rates, she enchanted us! Thanks Nadia, we can't wait to hear you again at Monte Verità in Ascona!”

    Jasmine Trogu-Hospitality Manager Monte Verità Ascona

  • “I listen to Nadia and I think of the alpine plateaus, of the sensation of feeling the dew on the grass while a soft but sharp wind flows over the face, outlining a play of sounds between the folds of the skin. I listen to his voice and see the horizon appear and disappear in the side valleys that propagate the sound in new dimensions. I listen and I see the sun rise and die, the stars the clouds the light and the desire to run in these meadows with the sensation of the warmth of the sun on the skin, of spring and of the soft white mantle that winter will bring.”

    Saverio Monti, Creative Explorer

  • "What strikes me about Nadia, besides the beauty of the voice with a sweet and warm timbre and the precision in intonation, is the emotion that she immediately transmits to the listener thanks to her great sensitivity."

    Leonardo Bongiascia, music producer, composer 

Ear Training / Singing Lessons
One to one and for choirs/groups

When I am with my students, time flies by. The enthusiasm and desire to improve that I see in them gives me enormous joy and satisfaction."

Becoming aware of your voice can reveal so much about your Self. The fun and joy of singing feeds the desire to deepen the knowledge of the instrument and music in general; Estill Voice Training®, Nada yoga (yoga of sound), world rhythm research, ear-training, extemporary improvisation and the study of the piano are the methodologies explored and proposed by Nadia.

Close your eyes and move your attention inside yourself; there is a world to discover. Bring awareness to your breath, observe the space in your throat and rejoice in the sensation of calm you feel right now ... The path of research and discovery of your own voice is a wonderful and magical journey!

Upcoming Show

At this time, due to the international situation linked to Covid, there are no concerts scheduled.

However, things are changing and improving rapidly, so I hope to be back playing live soon and to meet you! I'll keep you up-to-date!

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