Three Spirits Trio

“The trio presents an intimate climate, with the vocals being accompanied only by bass and drums, with the bass playing most of the instrumental melodic parts, which of course is very unusual. Braito sings lyrics but mostly performs wordless vocalese, which is very impressive. Dall`Ora plays many amazing bass parts, some using effects, which would leave many a bass player completely stunned. D`Auria adds a tasty and elegant rhythmic support, which is always right on top of things, changing the dynamics according to whatever is appropriate at a given moment. The music completely escapes trivial classifications and amalgamates so many elements that listing to them all is simply impossible. There is a distinct Jazz improvisation present at all times, but the music moves all over the scale from contemporary Classical to World Music. The unique arrangements change to original compositions often very dramatically and always surprisingly. It is absolutely amazing how just three musicians can make such powerful music.”

Adam Baruch, The Soundtrack Of My Life


Nadia Braito - Voice 
Stefano Dall'Ora - Contrabass, Computer Programming 
Francesco D'Auria - Drums, Percussion, Hang

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