“A very cheerful and overwhelming sound caravan. In a trio or in a sextet, get ready to fly!”

With a carefree journey, this fresh line-up will take you back to the 1930s with songs and melodies capable, now as then, of letting your imagination and the desire to dance and fly thanks to the reinterpretation in a manouche key of songs taken from the jazz tradition. It will be the voice of Nadia Braito to tell us the journey of this caravan, accompanied by the festive accordion of Flaviano Braga or Nadio Marenco and the clarinet of Luca Radaelli, while the tireless rhythms of Alberto Colombo on guitar, Paolo Xeres on drums and Marco Xeres on double bass will pull everyone on board with their rhythm machine!

Manoucherie in Barber Shop Show

In this concert the Manoucherie will make you relive the years of swing in a Barber Shop; the barber shop was a favorite meeting place for turn-of-the-century musicians. The stage and the venue will turn into a cheerful and original lair of creativity. The razor master will be able to give you a slightly hipster look or a splendid themed hairstyle, while the Manoucherie will play thrilling and cheerful melodies that will fill your heart with joy. All you need to take with you is a mustache or a nice beard, a few pearl necklaces and long gloves, and it will be a great themed party. It is possible to combine the concert with street artists, finger food, make-up artists, tattoo artists, artists, portrait painters, visionaries and so on and so forth!


Nadia Braito - Voice
Luca Radaelli - Clarinet
Nadio Marenco / Flaviano Braga - Accordion
Alberto Colombo - Guitar
Marco Xeres - Double Bass
Paolo Xeres - Batteria

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