Performing, Visual Arts, Theatre

Throughout her career Nadia has created her unique artistic performing style with wide-ranged vocal improvisation, nature sound instruments and loop station. 


Her education (she is a visual communication have created various opportunities for collaboration with Italian and International artists, sculptors, actors and scientists. She has collaborated with: Francesco Artist), Susanna Fanzun (CH, Director), Helene Keller (AT, Sculptress), Gabriele Kellner-Felmeyer (AT scientist), Department of the Medical University of Innsbruck (AT), Anna Galanga (IT, Artist), Giorgio Rossi and Elisabetta di Terlizzi (IT, Dancers), Federica Esposito (IT, Dancer), Robert Anderson (GB, Dancer), Enten Hitti (IT, Researcher), Mariolina Zitta (IT, Researcher ), Jos Olivini (IT, Multi-instrumentalist)... For the past ten years she has been part of “Meeting Point-Under the Roof” directed by the dancer Marcella Fanzaga; a series of multidisciplinary and multimedia-installations with improvisation and instant composition in collaboration with the European network “Meeting Point”.


She sonorizes poetry-readings live, using vocal improvisation, loopstation, little instruments and percussions. Her approach is always delicate and careful, never invasive. Creating a refined balance between the visual performance and her vocal art, mainly influenced by jazz and Ethnical music research, as well as a multi-layered sound improvisation is the essence of Nadia's ongoing artistic and musical evolution.

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